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Crowdfunding and Private Equity Opportunities in Armenia's Profitable Real
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Crowdfunding and Private Equity Opportunities in Armenia's Profitable Real
Estate Market

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Kingsmen, a company dedicated to raising capital and investing in various real estate projects, has embraced the strategy of crowdfunding to help finance some of their projects.
Through online platforms, Kingsmen has been able to collect small amounts of money from a large number of people to help fund different real estate ventures.

Private Equity

Kingsmen is involved in private equity, raising capital from private investors, establishing companies and investing in various real estate projects.
Private equity can be a lucrative form of alternative investment, as it allows investors to potentially profit from the restructuring and growth of businesses that are not publicly traded.


Investing in Mega Projects with as Little as $10,000

Investing in Mega Projects with as Little as $10,000 Kickstart your journey into the world of mega project investments with a modest initial investment of just $10,000. This approach opens up opportunities for individual investors to participate in large-scale, high-return projects, traditionally the domain of corporate entities or high-net-worth individuals. Explore opportunities in infrastructure, energy, technology, and more, and achieve diversification in your investment portfolio like never

Find your dream home amidst the mesmerizing allure of Armenia's Enchanted Landscape.

Our exquisite projects offers state-of-the-art construction and unparalleled amenities, ensuring the utmost comfort and luxury. Immerse yourself in a world of serene living as you explore the wonders of Kingsmen Residential. Your dream home awaits.

  • Eco Gardens

    Eco Gardens provides customers with a wide selection of properties to choose from, ranging from home areas to land areas. Depending on your needs, our experts can help you customize the perfect area for your requirements. We understand that a property needs to be both a practical and aesthetically-pleasing environment, so we strive to provide options that can fulfill all of your needs

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  • Green Hills Urban City

    Green Hills Urban City is the perfect opportunity for individuals and families looking to invest in their homeland. With its no down payment, 0% interest rate policy, this project makes it easier for every young person or family – whether living in Armenia or abroad to purchase land and build their dream home.

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Eco Homes Designs


Villa Models




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About Business

Modern real estate investment firm.

Since 2014 KINGSMEN has developed and managed more than $ 150 million in investments, with a predominant focus on real estate.

As a modern real estate investment firm, we strive to take our clients to the next level. We combine traditional practices and cutting-edge technology to ensure that our clients gain access to the best investments possible. Our team is comprised of experienced professionals from all fields of real estate investing. They utilize their expertise and knowledge to develop integrated strategies that are tailored specifically for each client. We leverage digital technologies such as analytics, data modeling, and market intelligence in order to provide superior insights and results. With us by your side, you can be certain that your real estate investments are made with confidence and precision!

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