Your guide to a summer holiday in Armenia

Your guide to a summer holiday in Armenia

Armenia is a land of rock and stone, picturesque mountains, ancient churches, and caves. This is the ultimate country to spend your vacation in case you don’t have a specific travel destination in mind as it has something to offer to everyone.

Wondering how to spend your time in this beautiful country? We have made a list of the 3 best destinations to visit in Armenia.

Tavush region

Located in the northeastern part of Armenia, Tavush region is popular for its forests and amazing natural monuments.

Dilijan is one of the most beautiful resort towns in Armenia, which is a popular summer destination both among the locals and the tourists. It offers very diverse flora and fauna. Goshavank and Haghartsin Monasteries (dating back to the 10-13th centuries) are located nearby.

Picture by Vigen Hakhverdyan

Lastiver is another must-visit place in Tavush region for those who love hiking. Visitors always say the scenery reminds them of a fairy-tale. You need to walk for about an hour to get there but the breathtaking road is well worth it. The waterfall of Lastiver, the dark forest greenery, and the cliffs surrounding it will make your trip an unforgettable one.

You should also spend a day in Parz Lake. It is in the middle of the Dilijan National Park. The water is so pure that it reflects the sky and the forest surrounding it. There are also many sports amenities there, including a zip-line over the lake.

Syunik region

With uneven mountain chains, breathtaking canyons and gorges, and located in the southern part of Armenia, Syunik region is the place we recommend staying for everyone who is including Armenia on their bucket list. The amazing beauty of this region attracts many locals and tourists.

Tatev Monastery is one of the oldest and most popular churches in Armenia. Dating back to the 9th century, it is a jewel of medieval Armenian architecture. The ropeway taking to the Monastery is a 5.7- kilometer-long aerial tramway and it holds the record of the longest non-stop double track cable car in the world.

Tatev Monastery

The “Swinging bridge” of Khndzoresk is another popular tourist destination in Syunik region. The height of the bridge is 63m and the weighs 14 tons. There is a museum near the entrance depicting the lives of villagers in ancient times. The caves surrounding the bridge also tell a lot about ancient Armenia.

In case you are a history lover, you should also visit Zorats Qarer, also known as the “Armenian Stonehenge”. This is a prehistoric complex consisting of vertically arranged two-meter stones. Scientists have concluded that Zorats Qarer is not younger than the Egyptian Pyramids and the Stonehenge.

Shaki waterfall is another breathtaking place in Syunik region. Tourists often describe it as a beautiful oasis in the middle of nowhere.

On your way back to Yerevan, you can spend a day or two in Jermuk City (Vayots Dzor Region), which is a spa town famous for its mineral waters.

Lori region

Lori is another tourist destination thanks to its deep forests and beautiful rivers. The rivers Debet, Pambak, Dzoraget, and Aghstev flow through this region.

Stepanavan is a popular resort town because of its climatic conditions. Dendropark, the Botanical Park of Armenia, is located there. Not only do people visit Stepanavan in the summertime, but also at the end of spring, when pine tree pollen season starts. It’s a true heaven for people with respiratory diseases and allergies.

Parz Lich
Photo by UNDP in Armenia

The Monasteries of Haghpat, Sanahin, and Odzun are must-visit places in Lori region for those who love history. They offer unique samples of ancient Armenian architecture.

By the way, you can visit any region in Armenia and come back to Yerevan in the evening.

Wishing you a wonderful time in Armenia!

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