Why is Armenia an attractive country for investors?

Why is Armenia an attractive country for investors?

The investment market of Armenia has been booming recently.  While a few years ago the country attracted investors from Russia, Germany, France, and other European countries, currently Armenian market has also become an attractive destination for investors from the UAE, Saudi Arabia, and other GCC countries. You must be wondering what makes this small country located in South-western Asia so interesting for investors.

Let’s see what all the fuss is about.

There are too many investment opportunities in Armenia

There is no single investment sector that investors associate with Armenia. Fact is, this is a country where money will work for you in many sectors. There is a rising trend to invest in agriculture in Armenia. Along with agricultural investments, investing in real estate and information technologies also ensures a high return on investment.

Experience shows that the market potential of Armenia usually drives investors to diversify their portfolio and invest in several sectors here. There are so many low-risk investment options available that sometimes they find it difficult to opt for a specific opportunity.

The government goes the extra mile to ensure the regulatory climate is favorable for investors

Armenian Government offers strategic support for foreign investments. As such, for the past few years, the government has amended many laws ensuring the investment market is truly favorable for investors. Foreign investors are eligible for the same tax privileges as the locals. Your business may even have zero-tax status depending on the investing sector you opt for.

Not only are the tax laws convenient, but the procedures for acquiring temporary or permanent residency in Armenia are quite straightforward and easy.

Armenia owns a highly skilled labor market

Any businessman who has ever invested in Armenia will state the country is overflowing with skilled workforces. Armenia is often described as an IT hub as it owns many programmers who cooperate with different companies worldwide.

The younger generation fluently masters Russian and English languages. Many of them speak German, French, or Spanish as well. Nowadays many Armenians participate in training programs abroad or study in famous Universities in Europe or in the USA.

It is not only about skills. Armenia is one of the most hard-working countries in the world, where people do their job with a strong sense of responsibility and personal ownership.

Armenian economy is showing positive trends moving forward

Over the past few years, the Armenian economy has recorded a steady increase in GDP growth. State-supported programs, diversification of sectors, and foreign investments are the key drivers of the economic growth of Armenia.

Considering the effective programs in the agenda of the government, as well as the rising trend of making investments in Armenia, even better results are expected for 2021.

Check out the 2021 estimates of the Heritage Foundation in regard to the economic environment of Armenia.

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