When is the best time to visit Armenia?

When is the best time to visit Armenia?

Planning your first trip to Armenia and wondering when you should visit this country?

Fact is, all our investors have asked this question at some point. The reason behind it is that Armenia offers the most favorable investment environment in the region and investors can start a business in Armenia from abroad. Our partners often invest in Armenia and visit the country later as they find time to travel.

To begin with, the weather is not a major factor worth considering when you are planning to visit Armenia. That’s because Armenia has very predictable weather that never changes. Winters have been mild in Yerevan for the past 10 years with no or little snow. If you are looking for skiing experience, you should head to Tsakhkadzor where there is always snow in winter. Spring and autumn always offer pleasant weather with short-term rains. In Yerevan, it’s hot in summer. To escape the summer heat, you can head to Dilijan, Goris, Sevan, or Ashtarak.

That’s why we always say that the best time to visit Armenia depends on the travel experience you are looking for.

Hiking and Cycling

Not once have we mentioned that Armenia has the most stunning mountains for hiking. Nowadays many people travel to Armenia for hiking. Armenian travel companies offer hiking events all year round. If you enjoy both hiking and running, you should come to Armenia during the Vineyard trail event.

Hiking and Cycling experience

The route of the run goes through trail paths of mountains and vineyards. Other popular running events in Yerevan are Yerevan Marathon, Yerevan Spring Run, New Year Run in Santa costumes, and Vanadzor charity run (you can find the dates here).

Throwback in History and Culture

In case you are looking for some history and culture, we recommend that you plan your visit in late spring, summer, or early autumn. With more than 4000 churches in Armenia, you will enjoy plenty of history during your visit. Most churches date back to different centuries and despite the general characteristics, each church will surprise you with its unique features. You’ll enjoy the unique samples of Armenian khachkars (carved cross-stones dating back to Medieval Christianity).

Throwback in history and culture

While the national gallery of Armenia and the Matenadaran (repository of Manuscripts) are located in Yerevan, there are many house-museums of famous Armenians in regions that are also worth a visit.

Fruits and Veggies

Many people visit Armenia to enjoy the best fruits and veggies. This is especially an important factor that people consider when planning a family vacation in Armenia. You can opt for a specific month based on the fact which fruits and veggies are in season.

Make sure to enjoy apples and plums in case you are in Armenia during the summer months.

Armenia serves the best apricots in the world. The season starts at early June and prices drop significantly in July and August. In case you are in Armenia in other seasons, you’ll be served dried apricots, apricot jam, and even vodka made from apricots.

armenian cucumber, tomatoes, paprik

Peaches are also very juicy and sweet in Armenia. The season starts in July and ends in autumn.

Grapes are the season’s favorite in autumn. There are so many vineyards in Armenia that the country is a major producer of wine.

Did you know that the pomegranate is one of the symbols of Armenia? You’ll understand the reasons behind it, in case you’re in Armenia during the winter months.

By the way, Armenia is a country that doesn’t have a high-season pricing strategy. Prices in Armenia are the same all year round so there is no need to wait for the off-season.

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