Visit Armenia: an ancient country with a modern feel

Visit Armenia: an ancient country with a modern feel

At Kingsmen Investments, we engage with many foreigners who visit Armenia for the first time, and we’d like to share what people like most about this mountainous country. With old history, unique mountain views, delicious cuisine, and iconic cities, this country has a lot to offer.

Here are the top 4 reasons why you should include Armenia on your bucket list.

Armenia has something for everyone

Whether you are looking for exploring history, enjoying a culinary experience, having some mountain hiking adventures, or just spending your vacation in a modern European country, you can opt for Armenia. This country has something for everyone and the portions it offers are quite big, so irrespective of the reason why you are in Armenia, the country will leave you unforgettable memories and impressions.

Love history? Armenian galleries and museums host the best samples of worldwide art pieces. The country owns the smallest (smaller than a matchbox) and the biggest (weighing 27.5 kg) manuscript books in the world. The 1st Christian country of the world has around 4,000 churches with the oldest ones dating back to the 4th century.

In case you are looking to spend a few days in a modern European country, Armenia is still a good option to consider as the hotels, cafes, and restaurants in Armenia offer the best customer service. Our partners admire the fact that all the details are always carefully considered in Armenian venues.

Armenia offers the best culinary experience

If you prefer healthy and delicious food, then Armenia is the right place for you. The unique and authentic cuisine of the country is the best reflection of the animals, crops, fruit, and vegetables grown in Armenia. During the years we have been operating in Armenia, almost no customer has left the country without taking home lavash, Armenian flatbread, sujuk, a candle-shaped healthy sweet made from walnuts, and fruit syrup.  Other must-try dishes in Armenian cuisine are dolma (minced meat with rice and herbs), khorovats (grilled pork or lamb meat), harissa (porridge with wheat and meat), basturma (smoked beef with spices), ghapama (stuffed pumpkin dish).

Armenia also serves delicious European, Eastern, Greek, and Chinese dishes.

By the way, stepped in history, Armenian food has spread its influence in the Caucasus.

Armenia has the best brandy

Winston Churchill said that the secret to a happy life was enjoying Havana cigars, Armenian brandy, and no sport. For 20 years until his death, he received 12 bottles of Ararat brandy every month.

Ararat brandy is one of the reasons that makes Armenia popular worldwide. The brandy factory also owns a museum and there is a brandy tasting ceremony at the end of the tour.

By the way, Armenia also features a wide range of local wines. As a rule, wine lovers give preference to the local wines that are made from apricots and pomegranates.

Armenia features the best mountain scenes

Armenia offers enormous possibilities for hiking. Fact is, it’s a major part of the local lifestyle.

Locals often host trail runs, which attract many sports lovers worldwide. The Vineyard trail is the most popular one. This is the longest run event in Armenia and the route goes through trail paths of mountains and vineyards.

Armenia is also popular for winter sports. During the wintertime, all tourists spend a day or two in Tsakhkadzor- the ski resort of Armenia.

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