The Current Investment Climate in Armenia

The Current Investment Climate in Armenia

Armenia is a country with good geographic advantages, as well as huge scientific and industrial potential.

The country offers a wide range of benefits to foreign investors. Below we have shared the most important benefits based on our experience in working with investors.

  1. The investment-friendly environment and the ease of doing business are two major factors contributing to the high interest in this country. Investors value the convenience of registering a business in Armenia and starting operations remotely.
  2. The government of Armenia is doing its best to increase the country’s export levels and stimulate employment. No wonder, foreign investors are entitled to the same rights and benefits as the citizens of Armenia. Not only is the regulatory framework identical, but also no restrictions exist on the participation of foreign investors in any economic activity in Armenia or on the percentage of ownership of a local business that foreign investors can acquire.
  3. The tax-free opportunities while exporting goods, participation in subsidy programs, and other benefits are also highly valued by our foreign partners.
  4. Another important feature of the investment market in Armenia is that there are no restrictions on the conversion and transfer of money. Moreover, investors are free to repatriate their profits.


The current trends show that any investor interested in investing in Armenia gets full support from the government. While investors can opt for investing in any sector, some sectors are priority industries for the government of Armenia.

This is the reason why along with attracting investors and supporting them in their business operations, the government of Armenia has recently undertaken the direction of establishing joint ventures with foreign investors. As such, major contracts have already been signed in the sectors of information technologies, manufacturing, energy, and aviation. Currently, the government is taking active steps to attract investors in the mechanical engineering sector.

The Government of Armenia has selected Abu Dhabi-based clean power company, Masdar, as the winning bidder for the tender for the construction of the 200-megawatt facility.
The Government of Armenia has selected Abu Dhabi-based clean power company, Masdar, as the winning bidder for the tender for the construction of the 200-megawatt facility.

The acting minister of Economy Vahan Kerobyan has announced that 3 industrial zones will be set up in Armenia soon. The main advantages of industrial zones are the reduced tax burden and more favorable laws regarding profit tax, income tax, property taxes, VAT, and customs duty obligations. Two of these industrial zones will serve mainly investors from Iran. According to the Acting Minister, many Iranian companies are now interested in relocating part of their manufacturing facilities to Armenia.

Kerobyan has announced that numerous investment projects have been launched in Armenia recently. As such, the manufacturing of medical equipment and the creation of a ski resort are 2 major projects worth mentioning. Other big projects are being implemented in the energy, construction, and agricultural fields.

At Kingsmen Investments, we have recorded increased interest in walnut farming in Armenia. Over the past few months, we have launched many projects in walnut farming. According to our CEO Angelo Hani, Armenia will be included in the world’s walnut map in the near future. Check out the whole interview here.

Real estate is another popular investment option among our customers these days.

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