Venture Capital Funds

Kingsmen venture capital funds programs are intended for investments related to real estate projects that may vary between residential, commercial, industrial, and agricultural projects.

Kingsmen performs a dual role in the fund, serving as both an investor and a fund manager.

As an investor, we usually commit up to 50% of the investment.

As the fund manager, we are responsible for identifying investment opportunities, innovative business models, and those with the potential to generate high returns on investment.

Investment Guarantees

Kingsmen guarantees your investment by giving you ownership inside the real estate asset that we acquire for the investment project, equivalent to the invested amount by each investor.

Return Generation and Exit Strategy

Return Generation: The investment programs that we design whether short or long-term, are designed to fulfill the needs of all markets, better than the competition within the given environmental frame. The programs we offer have a guaranteed return on investment starting 7% per year.

Exit Strategy: Kingsmen guarantees an exit strategy for every investment program we develop. We strongly believe that knowing your exit strategy ahead of time will help you better prepare for getting the highest return out of your investment.

Kingsmen Fees on Venture Capital Funds

Management fees is an annual payment made by our investors to cover our operational expenses. The fee is usually around 2%.

Carried interest is an incentive paid to Kingsmen whenever the fund realizes a profit, and typically is around 20% of the total profit distribution.