Kingsmen Housing Programs,

Today, people are shifting from living in big, beautiful, and bold buildings inside vibrant cities to nice and calm suburbs where they can own a private home with a private garden experiencing the beauty of nature, clean weather, endless amenities, and at the same time being minutes away from their jobs and children’s schools.

To accommodate the market needs Kingsmen has decided to develop the first residential complex in Armenia 18 min away from Yerevan called the Eco Gardens.

Introducing the Eco Gardens

Eco Gardens will be one of the few agro-resorts in the world. Providing its landlords with the opportunity to own a house with a beautiful garden full of fruit trees in the middle of mother nature, 18 minutes away from Yerevan city.

Eco Gardens infrastructure will provide the community with surplus energy, water, and organic food that can amortize and reduce the cost and payments of every residence up to 50%

Why is Eco Gardens categorized as an Agro-Resort?

Eco Gardens is not a regular residential project, here we provide an opportunity for urban people to get back to the roots, It’s not only your home it’s your retreat into nature.