Rights of Foreigners in Armenia

Rights of Foreigners in Armenia

The favorable environment for foreign investments is important, but one should also make sure that the country they’re investing in will also protect their rights without overburdening them with responsibilities.

Planning to invest in Armenia? This country offers the best combination of the preconditions mentioned above. We have presented the investment environment in Armenia in this article.

Below you’ll find all the information regarding the rights foreign investors can enjoy in Armenia and the responsibilities they’ll bear.

Rights Of Foreigners In Armenia

As per the constitution of the Republic of Armenia, foreigners in Armenia can enjoy the same rights and liberties as the citizens of the country.

Not only can foreigners possess property in Armenia, but also engage in entrepreneurial or labor activities.

Along with enjoying the diplomatic protection of their state of citizenship, these people are also entitled to all the guarantees envisaged for the protection of RA citizens’ rights.

Responsibilities of Foreigners in Armenia

Like rights, the responsibilities that foreigners bear in Armenia are also the same as those of the citizens. They are obliged to respect the laws of the countries along with national customs and traditions.

Are there any rights not applicable for foreigners?

There are 2 limitations when it comes to the rights of foreigners in Armenia:

  1. They cannot vote, be elected, engage in political activities, or enter public service in Armenia,
  2. They cannot come to Armenia without a visa (the country has a visa-free entry regime for the citizens of some countries).

Staying or residing in Armenia

There are 3 types of residence permits foreigners can apply for:

  • Short-stay,
  • Permanent,
  • Special.

A short-stay or permanent visa is given provided that one of the reasons is applicable:

  • Study,
  • Work permit,
  • Marriage to a citizen of the country,
  • Being a close relative to a citizen of Armenia,
  • Engaging in entrepreneurial activity in Armenia,
  • Being of Armenian origin.

Permanent residency is also given provided that the foreigner owns property in Armenia or has lived in Armenia for the past 3 years.

Special status is given to citizens who are either of Armenian origin or have undertaken economic or cultural activities in Armenia.

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