21 June, 2015


15 December ,2018

River And Sea

Buy your apartment at river and sea And get access to more than 14,000sqm of waterfront land beautifully divided and landscaped, where you can lose yourself to where ever the mood takes you.

A cocktail in the pool. Dreaming in a day bed. Lunch under the palms. A good book by the sea or an evening barbecue with friends.

Itu2019s all yours to enjoy, in your own space and at your own pace.u00a0

The River & Sea estate is finally close to completion
Your apartment keys in your hand by december 2018
High end resort that gives you unrivaled services and choice
the ultimate in offering: our starting point
Indulgence that feels great and does good
Several outdoor areas for fun activities and leisure
Small endivers with hefty results
We treat our little residents with the same esteem we treat adults. River & Sea houses various facilities equipped for the enjoyment of kids. From amusement areas with top-of-the-art playgrounds to deluxe kids pools, your children will have a priceless smiles on their faces all day long
All the little touches and the bigger picture
Where all the finest details come together to bring you the best life has to offer
Far enough and close enough at the same time
Feel on top of the world just 15 minutes from the capital
Discover all the little touches that enrich life and bring joy
every sunrise an opportunity every sunset a celebration
A dream beginning as you open your eyes
Wake up to all the little comforts of a luxurious life at the heart of nature
Explore our one bedroom suite apartment model
River & Sea takes shape in 4 lush apartment models. The first one is the one-bedroom suite which varies between 74 and 85 sqm
Book your private tour today
call us to appreciate what this outstanding real estate opportunity has to offer
Benefit from a customized payment plan
Take advantage of the exclusive features, conditions and 0% interest rate


We manifest ourselves with our ancient history, originally home to the Phoenicians, a maritime culture that flourished for over a thousand years (c.1550u2013539 BC).

This culture has a reputation for its hospitality and detailed luxury lifestyles. Art, entertainment, and exquisite cuisine all combined in one place, offering you the opportunity to live and experience a unique lifestyle all year long.

Back then Nahr al-Kalb was the ancient Lycus River. A 13th century BC treaty, concluded by Ramses II, set Nahr al-Kalb as the border between Egypt and the possessions of the Hittites.

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Beirut – Hamra – Modea Bldg – 8th Floor
PO-BOX: 113-6388
TELEPHONE: (+961) 79 100 301

Yerevan – Sayat Nova – Bldg 74 – 15th Floor.
Po-Box: 0025
Telephone: (+374) 95 110 301



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