Kingsmen Investments realizing a CSR project in Armenia

Kingsmen Investments realizing a CSR project in Armenia

We are happy to announce that we have started the renovation works of the monument of “Eagle of Vaspurakan”.

The monument is dedicated to the Siege of Van, which was an insurgency against the Ottoman Empire’s attempts to massacre the Armenian population in the Van Vilayet. The author of the memorial is the architect Jim Torosyan.

At Kingsmen Investments, we are renovating the monument, restoring the fountain, and installing proper lighting. We’ll also create a public garden there to attract public attention to this unique sample of the cultural heritage of Armenia.

The Eagle of Vaspurakan Memorial

Kingsmen CEO Angelo Hani says: “We’ve undertaken this project with a high sense of responsibility. First, the “Eagle of Vaspurakan” is an important cultural heritage of Armenia that needs renovation.  Second, it’s located in an important cultural area called “Verin Naver” (translated as “Upper Ship”), where they’ve found some remains of tombs during archeological surveys”.

Kingsmen are cooperating with the Ministry of Culture of Armenia to ensure the restored look of the Monument is as concise as possible.

We’d like to remind you that the monument is located near Eco Gardens district, which is a major project realized by Kingsmen Investments. We’re constructing 38 eco-houses with eco gardens in Parpi Village in Aragatsotn Province, 18 minutes away from Yerevan. Each plot will have about 14-25 trees.

The roofs of the villas will be equipped with solar panels embedded with the artificial grass roof. Eco Gardens Management will ensure the security of the district and take on the maintenance of the Gardens. The green community (700 trees in total) will be self-sufficient from food and electricity up to 50% to start with.

The Eagle of Vaspurakan will be the ultimate well-maintained public garden where tenants can spend their evenings. You can find further details on the district here.

Would you like to buy your eco-home in Armenia? At Eco Gardens, prices start at 60,000$. Fully equipped and furnished eco houses will be delivered within a 3-month period. Check out further details here or give us a call at (+374) 95 110 301.