Kingsmen Investments Newsletter for June 2021

Kingsmen Investments Newsletter for June 2021

We’ve been very busy the past month with multiple projects going on at the same time. We are happy to report the progress we’ve made with a quick recap for June 2021.

Eco Gardens

Kingsmen Investments made huge progress in the construction works of the “Eco Gardens” district, which the company realizes in Parpi Village (Aragatsotn Province). As per the construction plan, the first 5 houses and the main roads will be delivered in September 2021. Additional information is available here.

Hotel Meg

The company has completed the acquisition of one of the best boutique hotels in the center of Yerevan. Hotel Meg is located within walking distance from Cascade and is a highly rated hotel both on Booking.com and Tripadvisor. Further details on the hotel are available here.

Trend SAL

Kingsmen Investments has reported 80% completion of the walnut farming project that it realizes in cooperation with Trend SAL LLC. This Lebanese-based company, specialized in the furniture business, has invested $1 million in walnut farming in Armenia. Kingsmen handle the facilitation of the project. More information is available here.

Eagle Of Vaspurakan

The renovation works of the monument of “Eagle of Vaspurakan” have been off to a good start this month. Within the CSR project, the company plans to renovate the monument, restore the fountains, add proper lighting and create a public garden there. Read more information regarding this cultural heritage of Armenia and the works to be realized by Kingsmen here.

Walnut Farming

Kingsmen CEO Angelo Hani has announced that the company aims at including Armenia in the world’s walnut map in collaboration with their partners. On the 10th of June, he gave an interview during which he presented the benefits of investing in the agricultural sector of Armenia and shared an interesting insight into the specifics of walnut farming. Read the full interview here.

Angelo Hani, CEO at Kingsmen, says;

“The favorable climate for investments in Armenia is the main factor accountable for our team overload these days. Nevertheless, we are happy with the current situation since it speaks about the increasing interest in the economy of Armenia. At present we are discussing cooperation with a number of new partners both in agricultural and real estate sectors.”   

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