Investing in Armenia can bring a multitude of benefits and advantages

Investing in Armenia can bring a multitude of benefits and advantages

Real estate is one of the top-performing sectors in Armenia that has great potential. Fact is, this sector played a major role in our business as we decided to start operating in the Armenian market back in April 2019.

Whenever we write about investing in the real estate sector in Armenia, we always note that there is a rising trend among locals to move out from Yerevan to urban areas, but they still work, shop, and spend time with friends in the city. The limited number of real estate options near Yerevan provides the big picture of the current market demand.

Wondering whether you should invest in real estate in Armenia? Here is our pick of the top 4 reasons why you should do it.

Invest in Armenia and earn your residency

Whenever our partners come with a request to present the market specifics, we always start from the fact that Armenia has the most favorable legislative environment for foreign investments among emerging countries.

As a foreign investor, you can open a business entity in Armenia with 100% ownership irrespective of the fact whether you are in Armenia or not. Moreover, your business can take advantage of all government-supported programs, including those related to tax benefits. You and your family can apply for Armenian residency and eventually, you can become a citizen of the RA. You can read further details in our article.

This tangible asset is highly valued in Armenia

Along with the favorable market conditions and state-supporting programs, investors opt for acquiring a property in Armenia for another reason- property in Armenia appreciates over time. Not only does the actual property increase in value but also the land. It acts as a barrier to inflation, that’s why real estate is considered to be one of the safest investment options over here.

The best option is buying a house in an undeveloped community. Prices go up drastically as the community grows.

This is an optimal way to diversify your portfolio

Not once have we noted that to leverage the market crash caused by the pandemic, you should diversify your investment portfolio. As such, the real estate sector in Armenia is one of the best options to consider as you can find many promising investment projects at affordable prices, plus the financial system is much more stable than in many other markets.

Have you ever come across the phrase “safe as houses”? Well, this is true and you should opt for it in case you’re interested in reducing the volatility of your investment portfolio.

You will have predictable cash flow

No other investment sector ensures predictable income as much as real estate does. If it is occupied with tenants, you can count how much money you’ll receive in a specific period.

You can also think of ways to maximize your revenue by adding some special touches to your property. Again, any refreshments add the value of the property at a fixed price.

Interested in investing in real estate in Armenia? Check out the details of our Eco Gardens project here or give us a call at (+374) 95 110 301. We are ready to address all your questions and guide you through your investment journey in Armenia. High return on investment guaranteed!