Interview with Tour Info Magazine

Interview with Tour Info Magazine

Angelo Hani is the founding member of Real Estate Development group called Kingsmen Properties.

Kingsmen properties is a company based in Beirut Lebanon since 2000 with more than 15 big projects experiences, and now proudly serve in Armenia with a dedicated investor. The company value is based on its loyalty to its investors either Armenian or Lebanese who look at the projects as a part of their own business now.

Angelo Hani has an Armenian maternal blood which made him to initiate investments in his mother land by believing the new government in Armenia will do its promises and economy will grow very fast. One of the main advantages of this project except create the first Eco system in Armenia, the procurement of projects also will be done only through Armenian Companies. Which both sides will have very high impact for Armenia, its economy, investors and its residents.

Eco Gardens is for Eco Home real estate projects which will be one of the few in the world and the first in Armenia by covering up to 80% of green landscapes of its lot area and the benefit of residential owners will be for two goals with one target, the same time having Eco Home in Eco Garden and in the mother land.

Eco Garden located in Aragatson Provence in Parpi Region almost 10 km far from of the Yerevan city and very close to Ashtarak city which has high impact on the country’s economy, and it is famous as satellite town in Yerevan. The Eco Garden is all in Greens almost 700 trees to giving up most pleasure its residents and by creating different facilities from gardening to BBQ equipment and many more, as a full package to have a family life and also residents will have the opportunity to have their private Garden by planting 25 fruit trees.

The Community of Eco Gardens is designed with artful infrastructures as itself is next to cultural monument “Eagle of Vaspurakan” and the same time with a beautiful view of Ararat and Aragats Mountains.

The Company to initiate the value of eco system in the Armenia, initiated to take a step to provide the maintenance expense of the “Egale of Vaspurakan” monument as it was going to decay and with this way will be recovered another historical destination in town.

Father Majdi Allawi by cooperating Kingsmen Company decided to build a Church and a social association for residents and children in Parpi with ensuring to create massive job opportunities From planting, harvesting and producing different fruit products for Parpi population.

This is a good opportunity in real estate in Armenia who want to have a partial land in Armenia specially with eco system and Eco home in Eco Garden. Kingsmen company has different investment plans which can be prepaid, and the benefit will be 40% profit in 3 years.

The next project of Angelo Hani will be in Tsakhkadzor and Proshyan Village which shows the humanity and the enthusiasm of the founding member Angelo Hani to his Armenian root.
For detail information contact Kingsmen Company.


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