Housing Loans from Banks in Armenia

Housing Loans from Banks in Armenia

In the housing market, banks are a lot more than just lenders. They’re partners in building communities and neighborhoods. That’s because they provide housing loans to homebuyers who might not otherwise be able to afford it on their own.

Banks also offer housing counseling services that help buyers make smart choices about buying a house or renting an apartment. These services can include credit reports, mortgage pre-approvals, and housing grant programs for low-income families.

In this article, we will explore the many programs that banks in Armenia provide to homebuyers to help them secure a loan for their dream property.


ACBA Bank offers 6 different programs for housing in both Yerevan and in the marzes.

These programs include buying apartments from developers directly, Energy-efficient apartment purchase, and affordable housing for young families, among others.


Ameriabank offers you 2 types of loans for the purchase of residential property that can help you achieve your real estate goals.

Loans for the primary market, which is buying from developers directly, or loans for the secondary market, which is buying an already established home.

These loans range from $5,000 up to $300,000 with a 10% interest rate.

Housing Loans in Armenia

Ararat Bank

Ararat Bank also provides a variety of mortgage alternatives to homebuyers.

The most prominent of them are the following.:

  1. Affordable Housing for Young Families” is a government-initiated program that aims to support young families in improving their living conditions.
  2. Mortgage loans to the citizens of other countries and nonresident aliens.


Ardshinbank offers several housing loan programs in both AMD and USD. Their maximum credit limit is set at $200,000 USD (100,000,000 AMD) with an interest rate that ranges between 8.5% and 15%.

However, you must be able to secure a 5% down payment first.

HSBC Bank Armenia

HSBC offers two home purchase programs, residential property purchase loan in AMD and residential property purchase loan in USD.

Their credit limit is up to $400,000 USD (200,000,000 AMD) with interest rate starting from 9.70% up to 15.94%.

Housing Loans in Armenia

There are plenty of other housing programs offered by plenty of other banks as well, including programs from VTB, Unibank, InecoBank, ID Bank, HSBC Bank Armenia, and Evocabank.

Whether you’re looking to invest in a residential property or settle down with your family in your dream home, banks in Armenia offer a plethora of housing programs that can help you achieve your goals.