Facts About Armenia You Didn’t Know

Facts About Armenia You Didn’t Know

With more Armenians living abroad than in Armenia, you must have heard a lot of facts about this country and its nation.

Along with stunning mountains and awesome cuisine, there are other facts that make Armenia so great.

Here are 5 facts you didn’t know about Armenia.

Chess is a compulsory subject in Armenian schools

All our foreign partners would agree that Armenians are good at strategic thinking irrespective of their sector of activity.

We believe it’s thanks to the fact that Armenians play chess all the time. Visit any backyard in Armenia in the evening hours and you’ll see people playing chess.

Chess is a compulsory subject in Armenian schools. Facts worth mentioning!

The fact is everyone knows this game. To take it to a whole new level, they have made chess a compulsory subject in schools in 2011.

No wonder, Armenia is a big player in world chess.

Drinking water everywhere… for free!

Armenia is one of the few countries where you won’t have to buy drinking water as a tourist.

There are drinking water fountains called pulpulaks everywhere. Pulpulaks are usually built in stone and they usually provide cold mountain water.

The name relates to the murmuring of water “pul-pul” and “ak” means water source.

Drinking fountain in Yerevan, Armenia. Facts worth mentioning!

The interesting thing about pulpulaks is that individuals build them in memory of their relatives who have passed away.

They say passengers give their blessing to that person by drinking water from his pulpulak.

Armenians are good at producing alcoholic beverages

When speaking about alcoholic beverages that are produced in Armenia, Ararat cognac is the first thing that comes to one’s mind.

Churchill’s love for this cognac has made it a popular drink worldwide.

Armenia is also recognized as one of the best winemaking countries.

Not only is the land and the taste of grapes ideal for producing wine, but also the long history of winemaking is accountable for this recognition.

Archeological surveys proved Armenia is home to the world’s oldest winery on the planet (they found the earliest known winery near the village of Areni in 2011).

Another interesting fact about this nation is that producing homemade vodka is very popular among those owning private properties.

They prepare vodka from grapes, mulberries, cherries, or any other fruit that grows in their gardens.

They have a pink capital

Yerevan, the capital of Armenia is one of the oldest inhabited sites in the world. They call it a pink city, as the city was built from rosy volcanic rock.

Yerevan, The Pink City. Facts worth mentioning!

Too many birds in the country

Armenia is rich in both flora and fauna. While you must have heard about the stunning mountains and the amazing forests of the country, probably you have no idea about the wide variety of bird species living in Armenia.

It is home to 345 of Europe’s estimated 530 bird species. Eagles, falcons, and swans are the most widespread birds in Armenia.

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