Eco Gardens Armenia Offers Lifestyle and Health Benefits to Landlords

Eco Gardens Armenia Offers Lifestyle and Health Benefits to Landlords

Kingsmen Investments is implementing the Eco Gardens project in the Aragatsotn region in Armenia. Eco Gardens Armenia will be one of the few agro-resorts in the world. It will be a big opportunity for landlords to fit nature into everyday life by owning a sustainable eco-home with an eco-garden, 18 minutes away from Yerevan.

Eco Gardens, Armenia

In this interview, Kingsmen CEO Angelo Hani shares his insight into the benefits of owning a house at Eco Gardens.

  • How did you come up with the idea of creating one of the few agro resorts in the world? And why specifically in Armenia?

To begin with, we are all exposed to air pollution in big cities. Viruses are another common characteristic of city life. Despite the situation, a healthy lifestyle is becoming the new normal. That’s why there is a tendency among people living in big cities to retreat away from the city bustle.

Renewable sources of energy are another factor that brought forth the idea of creating an eco-resort. The world has entered a new energy era. In the decade of renewables, there is a growing demand for modern approaches.

Why Armenia? Well, first of all, we are Armenians and we want to contribute to the economy of the country. Second, land prices are quite affordable in Armenia. To make a profit, the ratio between the building and the land should be 20-80%, which is attainable in Armenia.

  • What outdoor amenities will Eco Gardens provide to its landlords? Also, please share some information on the neighborhood. 

Eco Gardens will have an average size of 2000 square feet, but at Kingsmen, we own the lands surrounding the resort as well. This means the Eco Resort will be located in the middle of a big gated community fully managed by Kingsmen. We’ll come up with strict regulations concerning the quality and the design of the buildings to ensure that the set of characteristics and features is the same throughout the neighborhood as well.

The landlords at Eco Gardens will have private gardens and roads, fruit trees, and a swimming pool.

We are currently cooperating with the Ministry of Culture of the RA as we are planning to maintain the monument of the Eagle of Vaspurakan at our own expense. The cultural monument is located near the Eco Gardens and it offers a beautiful view over Ararat and Aragats mountains. We’ll also have a public garden there.

  • Could you also share some details regarding the house amenities?

The roofs of the villas will be equipped with solar panels embedded with the artificial grass roof. Each villa will have a garden with 14-25 fruit trees. Eco Gardens management will take on the maintenance of the gardens all year long. The landlords will receive separate title deeds.

  • When do you expect the project to be completed? 

In September 2022 we’ll complete the main roads and the first 10 houses will be delivered.

Eco Gardens, Armenia

  • How much does it cost to buy a house at Eco Gardens? Could you share some details on the expected return on investment? 

For 65,000 USD you can purchase a house with a total area of 320-350 square meters. The house will have 2 bedrooms, a kitchen, and a bathroom. It will be furnished from the inside. By the way, landlords’ preferences are taken into account in the design stage when it comes to colors and other design specifics as we aim to deliver houses that fully meet the owners’ expectations.

Once the community is delivered, prices will definitely increase and ensure a high return on investment.

  • Do you have any estimates regarding the property price growth rates?

They say the three most important factors when buying a home are location, location, and location. At Kingsmen, we totally follow this approach. You can purchase a beautiful apartment or a piece of land in Armenia with a beautiful view of Mount Ararat or the city but the location is often in a bad neighborhood where you don’t have guarantees in terms of security, design of buildings, cleanliness, etc. Not only will it affect your life quality negatively, but it won’t also ensure a respectful growth rate on your property.

You may think why you should buy a home in a gated community where properties are 60% more expensive as compared to the neighborhood. Well, in private communities, the roads are clean, lit at night,  you receive a variety of services and you feel secure. Finally, you pay more but this extra money is the guarantee that your property price will always increase.

  • Are there any risks the landlords are taking on? 

No risks at all. Our company finances the project and the landlords pay us based on the progress we make.

You can find further details regarding Eco Gardens in this article.

Would you like to buy your eco-home in Armenia? At Eco Gardens, fully equipped and furnished eco houses will be delivered within 3 months. Check out further details here or give us a call at (+374) 95 110 301.