Eco Gardens Armenia: All you need to know

Eco Gardens Armenia: All you need to know

Over the past few weeks, we have observed a growing interest in the Eco Gardens project that we are implementing in Armenia. Hence, we have decided to give a general overview of the resort in this article.

To start with, Eco Gardens is one of the few agro resorts in the world. The resort is located in Parpi village (Aragatsotn Province), which is only 18 minutes away from Yerevan and is connected with the capital through the best highway in Armenia. The neighborhood is ideal for cultivating fruit trees.

Eco Gardens

The Landlords will own a sustainable eco-garden with an eco-home in the middle of mother nature.

The total area of the resort will be 1,927 square feet. There will be 38 lots with separate title deeds. The size of the land areas will vary between 341 and 647 sqm.

Eco Gardens will have around 700 trees in the area. Each plot will have about 14-25 trees, and the landlord will choose what type of trees he’d like to have in his plot (the available options are apple, apricot, peach, pomegranate, and grapes). Eco Gardens Management will take on the maintenance of the Gardens all year long.

The roofs of the villas will be equipped with solar panels embedded with the artificial grass roof.

Eco Gardens

As per the estimates of Eco Gardens Management, the green community will be self-sufficient from food and electricity up to 50% to start with.

Eco Gardens resort is the ultimate choice for those aiming to live away from the city hustle and bustle and still work, go shopping, and spend time with friends in Yerevan. Along with landlords planning to relocate to Parpi, there are also many people interested in purchasing a villa at Eco Gardens and using it as a summerhouse. Indeed, they can spend a month or two in their eco-home, breathing fresh air, enjoying a barbeque in their garden, getting vitamins and minerals from their fruit trees! Foreigners also acquire eco houses for business objectives as these villas will increase in price over time.

Eco Gardens is located near the Cultural monument, the “Eagle of Vaspurakan” and offers a beautiful view over Ararat and Aragats Mountains. Eco Gardens management will maintain the monument of the Eagle of Vaspurakan at its own expense to show the value of the cause for this cultural memorial location and what it represents.

Would you like to buy your eco-home in Armenia? At Eco Gardens, prices start at 60,000$. Fully equipped and furnished eco houses will be delivered within a 3-month period. Check out further details here or give us a call at (+374) 95 110 301.