Best Investment Options in Armenia for 2021

Best Investment Options in Armenia for 2021

The worldwide struggle with the Coronavirus pandemic has largely affected both domestic and international economies.  The ups and downs in all markets proved making informed investment decisions is now more critical than ever. With many businesses turning upside down nowadays it’s challenging even for experienced investors to stay focused.

Interested in getting into the game but scared of the surprises of this pandemic?

At Kingsmen Investments, we’ve seized the opportunity of the drawdowns of the economic stress and have done a thorough analysis of the investment market in Armenia. Our research came to prove that to make your money work for you and to ensure a high return on investment, you should consider investing in one of the following sectors in Armenia.

Invest in the agricultural sector in Armenia

Investing in agriculture is something new for many businessmen, especially for investors from the UAE and other GCC countries, but believe us this is the safest investment option and you could opt for in case you don’t need an immediate return on investment and are ready to lock up your money for some time.

Invest in the agricultural sector in Armenia

Investing in this sector is becoming more and more popular with investors who aim at overcoming uncertainty and adapting to the new business environment. Here is why:

  1. Agricultural “asset” keeps pace with the inflation,
  2. The rapidly growing global population results in a steady increase in food consumption and there is no risk of a decrease in demand,
  3. The value of the land increases over time and this asset never depreciates.
  4. You can always start small when investing in this sector.
  5. Investing in agriculture is a good option for making your investment portfolio diverse.

Why do we recommend investing in agriculture in Armenia? Well, according to the World Bank, the agricultural land in Armenia covers 59% of the total land area. Next, the country has favorable climatic conditions for agriculture. Moreover, there is international demand for Armenian fruit, vegetables, and crops since they all know harvest that comes from Armenia is always organic. Finally, local wages and prices are quite affordable.

Trust us, there is no reason not to diversify your investment portfolio and invest in agriculture in Armenia.

Invest in the real estate sector in Armenia

Have you decided to jumpstart your real estate investing business? Whether it’s a low-risk and high-return investment option or not depends greatly on picking a good location for the real estate venture. The challenge is to invest in real estate by acquiring a property that is affordable and worthy at the same time.

Invest in the real estate sector in Armenia

Provided that the property you invest in falls under the category described above, you will win for the following reasons:

  1. You are acquiring a tangible asset by investing in real estate, which will always have monetary value irrespective of the economic tensions,
  2. Over the past few years, land and property prices have been going up year by year,
  3. Real estate investments offer predictable returns as compared to investing in the stock market or any other investment options. That’s why we always recommend our partner investors consider real estate investment as a way of diversifying their portfolio.

Why should you invest in Armenia? There is a tendency for people living in Yerevan to move out from the city to urban areas. Despite the high demand, there are not many real estate options in urban areas near Yerevan. The question is why not invest in these areas when construction is relatively affordable and demand is quite high?

Interested in any of these investment options? At Kingsmen, we have many real estate and agricultural investment projects in Armenia. Check out our investment opportunities here or give us a call at (+374) 95 110 301. High return on investment guaranteed!