Autumn in Armenia: Why it’s the Best Time to Travel

Autumn in Armenia: Why it’s the Best Time to Travel

At Kingsmen Investments, we often tell our partners interested in visiting Armenia that autumn is the right time to discover the country.

Below is a list of the main perks of autumn in Armenia.

It’s Still Summer

September is not yet autumn in Armenia. It’s rather a mild summer, which makes it the right time to discover the capital of Armenia.

While in summer the weather is quite mild in most of the regions of Armenia, it’s too hot in Yerevan and you can get to know the city only in the evening hours. Locals often say that Mount Ararat is also better seen in autumn than in summer.

The Countryside is Beautiful

As summer yields place for autumn, Armenia’s nature transforms into a palette of fall colors.

You should visit Dilijan, which has many forests, lakes, and mountains. There are many hiking tours in Tavush region. We recommend that you opt for the hike from Parz Lake to Gosh village.

Dilijan Armenia
Dilijan, Armenia 

Other must-visit places in autumn are Ijevan, Jermuk, and Goris (more specifically Halidzor).

The good news is that you don’t necessarily need to rent a vehicle, as Armenia offers many fantastic tours to different destinations with stops in various cool places along the way.

Harvesting Season

Autumn is the harvesting season, which is a good opportunity to taste a variety of fruits and vegetables. There are also harvesting festivals in September and October that ensure a memorable experience for visitors.

The grapes are harvested in mid-autumn. This is the right time to visit some of Armenia’s wineries. They take advantage of the abundant vineyards and present the rich history of winemaking in Armenia during these tours.

Events’ Season is on the Rise

Armenia has several public holidays in September. That’s when the country hosts a variety of sports events and festivals. Tourists never get bored as they always find something according to their preferences.

In case you can make it, you should visit the country on the 21st of September, which is Independence day in Armenia. This is the ultimate way to get to know the history and culture of Armenia, as there are concerts, dances, parades, and other events throughout the day.

The birthday of Yerevan, the capital of Armenia, is also in September, which is another can’t-miss day in Yerevan.

There is also the Gata Festival at the end of September in Khachik Village (Vayots Dzor region), which will also tell a lot about the history and culinary traditions of the country. Gata is a local pastry. It is a sweet bread with a filling that consists of flour, sugar, butter, and nuts.

There are also many hiking tours that will take you to the heights of the Armenian highlands. Travelers who take these tours in autumn are always amazed by the beauty of the country.

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