Armenia’s agricultural exports increased in 2021

Armenia’s agricultural exports increased in 2021

Armenia has managed to increase its agricultural exports in 2021 despite the partial drought in 2020.

Primary agricultural goods have increased from 140K tons in 2020 to 200K tons in 2021 and exports of canned food increased by 30%, dried fruits by 25%, and fruit juices by about 80%.

As part of various government subsidy programs, farmers received 456 units of agricultural equipment worth $5.6 million, 160 beneficiaries were able to purchase agro-processing equipment due to government loans.


Applications to build large livestock facilities have increased in 2021 with 22 “smart barns” being built with the help of government subsidies and 38 more are under construction.

Large cattle imports have more than doubled in 2019 with 602 animals imported in 2021 as opposed to 271 in 2019.

Livestock in armenia


Intensive gardening has increased by 600 hectares in 2021 with $1.6 million paid as part of two state subsidy programs that subsidize loans.

The reimbursement program for intensive gardens and their pools will expand in 2022 to encourage more construction.

As an improvement of the program, in 2022 the state will also reimburse the costs of building intensive gardens and swimming pools.

Gardens in Armenia
Cascades, Yerevan, Armenia


Crop and land insurance have also increased, with 5,830 hectares being insured in 2021 as opposed to 2,300 hectares in 2020.

Farmers can now insure 11 crops in all regions. When the program first launched 2 years ago, that number was 2.

The number of insurance contracts has tripled since then.

Farmland in Armenia