3 Tips for Smart Investing in Armenia

3 Tips for Smart Investing in Armenia

Nowadays too many businessmen are interested in investing in Armenia. You might be thinking what makes this country that was at war a few months ago attractive to investors?

Well, currently it’s safer than ever as Russia secures the peace settlement with Azerbaijan and it has introduced border guards who keep control of the disputed areas in Nagorno-Karabakh.

Тhere are multiple reasons foreign investors consider when they opt for investing in Armenia.

  1. The country offers a favorable climate for foreign investments in terms of laws and legislation,
  2. The labor force is quite affordable in Armenia,
  3. The country is rich in mineral resources,
  4. Agricultural lands make 59% of the total area of the country,
  5. It is a very technologically advanced country and many local IT companies/experts are known worldwide,
  6. Inflation is well controlled as the Central Bank of Armenia excellently allocates the resources and manages the financial risks,
  7. The banking sector is quite stable.

Not once have we mentioned that the situation caused by the Covid-19 pandemic represented an opportunity for Kingsmen Investments’ staff to do a thorough market analysis. We did an in-depth analysis of all the sectors, conducted detailed research on the business environment and the social situation of the country, studied all the ongoing investment projects in Armenia. This homework proved once again we are on the right path.

Follow these 3 tips if you want to get into the game and invest in Armenia.

  1. The agricultural sector in Armenia is a top priority.

Organic food is becoming more and more popular over time as there is a global tendency to follow a healthy lifestyle. People aim at adding organic fruits, vegetables, and crops to their daily diets. Currently, the demand for organic food exceeds the supply. Will the demand decrease in the near future? Definitely, not. As time passes, this trend will continue to grow.

Why should you invest in Armenia? Armenia is rich in agricultural lands and it offers good climatic conditions for agriculture. As stated before, local wages and prices are quite affordable in Armenia. As if not enough, there is no need to spend resources on public relations as Armenia is well known worldwide for its organic agriculture.

  1. Investments in real estate projects ensure the highest ROI if the venue is in urban areas near Yerevan

While there is a tendency for people to move out of Yerevan, most of the population still work, go shopping and spend their free time in the capital of Armenia. The vision of the ideal life for most locals is living away from the city hustle and bustle without limiting the social life.

When we started operating in Armenia back in 2019, we were positively surprised by the wide variety of real estate venue spots we could start with. We have always known our “Eco Gardens” Agro Resort project will have great demand, but to be honest, we didn’t expect the excitement level we witnessed.

  1. Select an investment partner in Armenia that is trusted

No other sector requires professional expertise as much as our sector does. Of course, we should be experts! You are trusting us with your money after all.

When selecting an investment partner in Armenia, check the company portfolio and make sure they have properly analyzed the investment projects and are well aware of the economic and social situation in the market.

The more you do research on the partner company, the more you’ll feel confident in the success of the project.

Looking for an investment partner in Armenia? At Kingsmen Properties, we have many real estate and agricultural investment projects. Check out our investment opportunities here or give us a call at (+374) 95 110 301. High return on investment guaranteed!